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A Work From Home Internet Opportunity

Welcome to A WorkFrom Home Internet Opportunity website! Here we offer the best services to those who are not willing to learn this SEO stuff and also to those who don’t have the time to put out quality content. See we understand the fundamentals of SEO and the proper techniques to get pages ranked and this is where we come in with our knowledge.

We Speak Seo

We definitely speak about SEO on a regular basis and will reveal our strategies here within this page. Do you want a true education on SEO? Do you want to learn how to get properly ranked in Google? If your answer is yes, I suggest you join here at the top notch education platform out here on SEO and many other things related to running a successful business online.

Because of so many people being taken advantage of, especially me, I definitely will be part of the plan moving forward. They say they know SEO, but really don’t. Wait, who is they? The guys with insane SEO packages that really do not deliver any real results. There are far too many people getting sucked in by nasty programs out there and it is time that a lot of them become aware of them before they end up loosing their hard earned money. I hope this really helps folks realize the scams taking place in the SEO industry and think twice about paying companies for their SEO services.

Sorry To Hear Your Frustrations

Sorry to hear that you have been a sucker to one of these SEO operations .There are so many out there. By being taken advantage of in the past, I know that I am going to help prevent other folks from getting sucked into these high ticket SEO services.

Unfortunately, this SEO world is like the know it all expert world. When I say these folks have no idea what they are doing, I mean just that. Watch out they will sell you on the idea that they know. If someone is trying to sell massive backlinks or article submission services, they are most likely offering a service that is outdated and will only end up hurting your business. With some awareness hopefully these folks will not get sucked in by scams like this going forward.

Google Knows Quality Is Winning

Absolutely there is no doubt that google knows quality is always going to be the winner! How so? Google is getting more sophisticated with their knowledge of the human language. If you guys don’t think that Google Docs was created in part to understand the human language and also how people write, then you are fooled. They know exactly what they are doing. Google is getting better at finding quality content. This has nothing to do with how many links pointing to your content, how many times the keyword is said in your content, how many Facebook Likes your content gets. There is only on thing it does comes down to and that is the quality of your content.

There is one thing that has remained completely the same over the years. The undisputed fact that although Google changes, they have always been on the look out the highest quality user experience on the web, and that means finding and ranking high quality content. If you follow that you will be successful.

Our Focus…

1 We always looking for the best and safest way to help clients.

Content has always been our focus. This has always been the safest way and will always remain the safest way. There has been one thing over the years Google is looking for, that is quality content. Everyone of their algorithm changes has been in attempt to remove low quality content, such as spam, in order for the high quality content to move to the top. Yes this meaning has changed to those trying to game the system. If you were creating quality content from the start, you have not seen anything but more traffic with every update that Google continue to roll out.

2 Get rankings in the most difficult industries because since I understand SEO, it is really simple.

We don’t think of competition like other do. Of course there are really smart folks in the SEO industry, but most of our competition has no idea what they are doing. This is a huge advantage for us because we understand the process of SEO. We will get rankings within any industry. Folks say the make money industry is a hard one to get into, but we would beg to differ. It is quite simple…when we understand SEO.

3 Deliver what my audience is looking.

This is our approach, we are going to have some very happy clients. Sure they will be happy when they start to see our technique works permanently, but when it ends up sticking and their entire online component of their traffic increases, they are going to be beyond happy.

This is what I call building a real business online, not all of us are gaming the system. Some of us simply deliver what our audiences are looking for which is quality, the SEO results do follow. I have seen it over and over again here online…and I have also seen those that don’t believe us with our statements against gaming the system, come back crying when their sites disappear forever from Google and other SE’s (Search Engines).

In saying all of this, I think you that is reading this is a cool person within the industry and you will only become better if you follow the principles of the audience, versus that of the SEO world. This SEO world has no principles at all.

Forever Changing

The internet is always changing and that is why it is such an exciting place to be!  But in respect to SEO, there is one thing that has never changed and say it with me, “Quality”.

There are holes that are always created within their algo and those are patched up eventually as they find that people can game them. I see you are doing them a flavor since they don’t have to work as hard to find them. LOL. First it was meta tags, after that it was keyword density, after that it was the length of content and type of content, after that it was backlinks, then it was in bound anchor text links. I guess you get the point now, but as we move forward from now, it is becoming more and more centered around content. Those that have produced quality over the years, those are the people seeing the biggest improvements they ever have with each Panda or Penguin update. Those that are buying backlinks are basically ending up in one huge unhappy sandbox.

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